our story


Imagine fashion that is handcrafted to perfection by you and for you.

Creating stunning fashion with a touch of flare and daring pieces with elegant accents, me debut is a one of a kind line for the modern day fashionista.

As a fashion house venturing into the realm of personalization, me debut offers a rich variety of made-to-order fashion, customizing each piece to satisfy your style and size specifications.

Creating emphasis on quality craftsmanship to create fashion that is uniquely personalized, me debut challenges the idea of everyday clothing by giving each piece meaning, importance and adequate allure without losing its simplicity.

From our workshop to your wardrobe, each individual design offers a look focused on the details of styling and technical precision, allowing shoppers to adorn the latest fashion collection with their own personal touch.

me debut’s innovative vision thrives to embrace the demand for personalized fashion, amplifying each piece with personality as well as an emphasis on elegance and comfortable appeal. Putting in existence a new meaning of “quality over quantity,” our eclecticism and thirst for inspiration has powerfully enriched me debut’s collection. Each piece is wearable and beautifully designed to mix-and-match.

Visit us at www.facebook.com/medebut or follow @medebut


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